The Speed of Light and You

The Speed of Light and You

Jul 17

Light is such a mysterious and incredible phenomena. It has the properties of both a wave and a particle. Its speed has been called a “cosmic speed limit” as scientists have determined that nothing can travel faster than light. Just how fast is light exactly?

The most straightforward answer is 299,792, 458 m/s, which is ~670 million miles an hour. This is mind-bogglingly fast!

Light is the reason vision is possible to begin with. When your eyes pick something up, what they are really seeing is light that has hit the object that bounced off of it and into the eyes. Because of this, when you see something, you are seeing it as it was in the indescribably recent past.

When you think about objects traveling faster than light with an understanding of how your vision works, it presents strange problems. Because this hypothetical object is moving faster than the light being reflected off of it as it approaches, for observers at its destination, it would theoretically appear to pop out of thin air. It gets even more confusing when such an object simply never stops moving.

For more information on what should theoretically happen to objects that supersede the speed of light, check out this article on Tachyons from Wikipedia. cute-prism