Highway Defects

Highway Defects

Jul 31

Everyone aspires to drive safely and avoid any cause for accidents. However, even the most careful drivers can fall victim to dangerous car accidents. This often happens because another driver on the road may not be as cautious as they are, and the result could be a tragic accident. This is why we advise drivers to drive “defensively” accounting for other drivers lack of caution. However, even when all drivers are cautious and defensive, the possibility of an accident is still very real. This can occur if the road itself is damaged, defective or neglected. These accidents are tragic In that they are entirely preventable with proper upkeep and repair by the city. It is important for drivers to be aware of these potential dangers so that they may do their best to avoid them.

According to the website of the Jeff Sampson Law Firm, common highway defects a driver could encounter include: shoulder drop-off, water pooling, potholes, uneven pavement, lack of signs, lack of guardrails, objects in the roadway, or municipal negligence. These defects are often the result of negligence by the city who has let the roads decay to the point when they are no longer safely navigable.

Car accidents can result in tragic injuries. In many cases car accidents are just that- accidents. They could not have been prevented by any one party. However in some cases accidents are not the fault of the driver, but were preventable by another party. In cases where the local municipality does not properly upkeep their roads, resulting in an accident, it would be their responsibility to ensure that such accident did not happen. It would not be the drivers fault in these instances, but the responsibility of another to have anticipated and rectified the situation. In these cases the victim of such an accident may be owed certain damages.

PCBs and Cancer

PCBs and Cancer

May 04

Polychlorinated biphenyl (PCBs) is an organic compound that poses toxic risks to any person who inhales or ingests it, intentionally or unintentionally. Furthermore, humans can be affected by PCBs through direct contact or consumption of contaminated animals. In order to inform and preserve the people’s health, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) conducted an analysis of tests regarding PCBs potential to cause cancer.

The molecular structure of PCBs does not break down, therefore it persists in the environment regardless of when it was first emitted. Unfortunately, companies in the past, such as Monsanto, have produced liquids that expose the chemical to humans. Monsanto PCBs can lead to detrimental health problems depending on the severity of exposure.

The EPA conducted an inclusive analysis, of which the evidence suggested that PCBs cause cancer in animals. Through research and referencing an experimental study performed on laboratory rats, the EPA was able to determine what PCB mixtures are the most dangerous, and which methods of exposure pose the highest risks.

After analyzing the study on animals, the EPA continued to discuss the PCBs carcinogenicity for humans. Overall, the evidence proved “inconclusive” due to outside factors, such as an inability to correctly identify exposure levels, inadequate sample sizes, and each subject’s amount they smoke, or drink. Because these studies are limited in nature, the EPA was only able to identify a “probable” link between PCBs and cancer.

Overall, evidence suggested a definite link with PCBs ability to cause cancer in animals, and a “probable” link with their carcinogenicity for humans. Supporting these findings, the International Agency for Cancer Research and the National Institute for Occupational Safety Health cite a “probable” and “potential” link, respectively, and the National Toxicology Program finds a “reasonable” one.

Environmental Disasters and Your Finances

Environmental Disasters and Your Finances

May 05

Bankruptcy is often viewed as a last resort to help in balancing debts and financial struggles. For many, bankruptcy has helps them through financial struggles that debts has caused them, but in cases of natural disasters, the option to file for bankruptcy can be a bit different. Once a disaster has struck and cause intensive damage to a homeowners’ property or business that is not covered by insurance, finances can take a significant blow.  Not all property owners are aware that additional coverage is needed for natural disasters, such as flooding, hurricanes, and earthquakes. Without these added coverage, property restoration will be shouldered by you, the property or business owner. And this is aside from the temporary shelter you have to live in, as well as for new possessions.

In order to avoid the need to file for bankruptcy due to a natural disaster, such as those who suffered from Hurricane Sandy, there are simple measures that you can take. It would be wise to review your insurance policy to see what ate covered and what are not. Check to see if you need additional coverage, especially if you live in areas that are prone to storms, hurricanes, flooding, earthquakes, or fires. These may greatly help in providing insurance in times of disasters. Ask your insurance agents about any questions that you think is relevant to your policy. Make sure that your policy is made to fit your needs, so don’t just accept anything that your insurance company offers.

Not all disasters are caused by nature; sometimes man-made errors can be just as devastating. The Gulf of Mexico oil spill is one perfect example of man-made disasters. The Gulf of Mexico oil spill has affected many businesses around the surrounding area, prompting business owners to file for a lawsuit. Some have also filed for bankruptcy because of the oil spill, while others have applied for home and business loans on many financial institutions.

Restoring a property or business back can be a very expensive process, and if you don’t have enough coverage you can be the one paying for them. If your insurance policy is not enough to pay for the damages caused in your property and business from a natural or man-made disaster, then getting professional help would be the best option.